【电大作业代做】浙江电大 3309035 英语语法#(省) 网上在线形考作业

1.If the building project ______by the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined.
A、completedB、is completedC、to be completedD、being completed

2.The concert took place at the Zhong Shan’s Square last week, with the audiences ______on the ground.
A、seatingB、seatedC、be seatingD、to seat

3.He talks as if he _____ everything in the world.
A、knowsB、knewC、had knownD、would have know

4.zuoye580.com为您提供Although he is rich, he spends ______ on clothes.
A、a fewB、fewC、a littleD、little

5.I am too busy these days. I would rather all of you _____ next month for a dinner.
A、comeB、would comeC、cameD、have come

6.After a three-hour heated discussion, all the members in the jury reached the conclusion that the man was ______ of murder.

7.zuoye580.com为您提供I was stunned by the news, and my initial ______ was anger.

8.Once the problem ______, all other problems will be readily solved
A、solvedB、is solvedC、solveD、will be solved

9.Having finished the letter, he _____ it carefully and sealed the envelop with a kiss.

10.zuoye580.com为您提供In summer we often go to the beach since it is only______ bus ride..
A、twenty and five minutesB、twenty five minuteC、twenty-five- minuteD、twenty-fine-minutes

11.The morning paper ______ a story about demonstrations in New York and Washington D.C.

12.Cambridge has announced plans to establish a business school ______ the master’s degree in business administration.

13.zuoye580.com为您提供He’s wearing a red shirt and ______ jeans.

14.I cannot tell the _____ difference between the twins.

15.______ told you that was lying.

16.zuoye580.com为您提供______ so happy.
A、Never in my life I have feltB、Never in my life I feltC、Never in my life have I feltD、Never in my life felt I

17.Xiao Wang ______ be in Beijing. I saw her in the next room only a few minutes ago.
A、mustn’tB、shouldn’tC、can’tD、may not

18.The manager has his employees _____ a business report every week.
A、to writeB、writtenC、writingD、write

19.zuoye580.com为您提供Jack is good, kind, hard working and intelligent. ______ , I can’t speak too highly of him.
A、As a resultB、In a wordC、By the wayD、On the contrary

20.So little _____ about stock exchange that the lecture was completely beyond me.
A、did I knowB、I had knownC、I knewD、was I know

21.In every cultivated language there are two great classes of words, which makes up the whole vocabulary. First, there are those words which we become familiar in daily conversation, which we learn, that is to say, from the members of our own family and from our friends, and which we should know and use we could not read or write. They the common things of life with all the people who use the language. Such words may be called “popular”, since they belong to the people and are not excluded from a limited class.On the other hand, our language a large number of words which are comparatively seldom used in ordinary conversation. Their meanings are known to every educated person, but there is little to use them at home or in the market place. Our prior acquaintance (熟悉) with them comes not from our mother’s tips or from the talk of our schoolmates, from books that we read, lectures that we , or the more formal conversation of highly educated speakers who are discussing some particular in a style properly higher above the habitual degree of everyday life. Such words are called “learned”, and the between them and the “popular” words is of great importance to a right understanding of language study process.1、
A. at B. with C. by D. through 2、
A. even B. despite C. even if D. in spite of 3、
A. mind B. concern C. care D. relate 4、
A. in public B. at most C. at large D. at best 5、
A. consists B. consists of C. makes D. composes 6、
A. possibility B. way C. reason D. necessity 7、
A. besides B. and C. yet D. but 8、
A. hear of B. attend C. hear from D. listen 9、
A. theme B. topic C. idea D. point 10、
A. relation B. distinction C. connection D. similarity

22.When Mrs. Joseph Groeger died recently in Vienna, Austria, people asked the obvious question, “Why did she live to be 107?” Answers were provided by a survey conducted among 148 Viennese men and women who had reached the age of 100. Somewhat surprising was the fact that the majority had lived most of their lives in cities. In spite of the city’s image as an unhealthy place, city living often provides benefits that country living can lack. One factor seems to be important to the longevity (长寿) of those interviewed.This factor is exercise. In the cities it is often faster to walk short distances than to wait for bus. Even taking public transportation often requires some walking. Smaller apartment houses have no elevators (电梯), and so people must climb stairs. City people can usually walk to local supermarkets. Since parking spaces are hard to find, there is often no alternative to walking.On the other hand, those who live in the country and suburbs do not have to walk every day. In fact, the opposite is often true. To go to school, work, or almost anywhere else, they must ride in cars.1、The Vienna survey may help to explain             .A、the complaints of people in apartment housesB、the cause of Mrs. Groeger’s deathC、the longevity of people like Mrs.GroegerD、the image of cities in general2、The purpose of the second paragraph is to list some             .A、benefits of walkingB、problems of city livingC、comments made by city peopleD、occasions for walking in city life3、To reach the third floor of a building, it would probably be most healthful            .A、to walk up the stairsB、to take the elevatorC、to ride in a carD、to find an alternative to walking4、People who live in the country probably do more driving than walking because             .A、they don’t live near businessB、they don’t need the exerciseC、they never have parking problemsD、they can’t afford to take the bus5、A conclusion that can be drawn from this passage is that            .A、air pollution is not seriousB、walking is a healthful exerciseC、country people should move to the cityD、anyone can live to be 107

23.The reason why I did not go to the theater last night was that I could not ______ the time.

24.An old friend from abroad, _____ I was expecting to stay with,telephoned me from the airport .

25.zuoye580.com为您提供______ all our efforts to save the school, the authorities decided to close it.
A、As forB、BesidesC、ExceptD、Despite

26.They claim that ______ 1,000 factories closed down during economic crisis.

27.Not ______, with youth unemployment so high, some school-leavers with qualifications fail to find jobs.

28.zuoye580.com为您提供Their room was on the first floor, its broad window ______the park.
A、overlookingB、being overlookingC、to overlookD、overlooks

29.His business is growing so fast that he must _____ more workers.
A、take upB、take onC、take overD、take out

30.If he ______ such a good chance, he would have planned to learn more.
A、was givingB、had givenC、had been givenD、was to give

31.zuoye580.com为您提供______ the first to use nuclear weapons.
A、At no time China will beB、At no time will be ChinaC、At no time will China beD、Will at no time China be

32.Xiao Wang ______ be in Beijing. I saw her in the next room only a few minutes ago.
A、mustn’tB、shouldn’tC、can’tD、may not

33.Meeting professor Lee was an unforgettable moment, ______ I will always treasure.

34.zuoye580.com为您提供The children are very thankful for ______ the parents has done for them.
A、whichB、thatC、all whatD、all that

35.Franklin’s ability to learn from observation and experience ______ greatly to his success in public life.

36.The crime was not discovered till 48 hours later, ______ gave the criminals plenty of time to get away.

37.zuoye580.com为您提供______ his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others.

38.—Why not take a little break?—Didn’t we just have ______?

39.Police are ______ the disappearance of two children.
A、looking outB、looking afterC、looking intoD、looking on

40.zuoye580.com为您提供I ______ an interesting news item in yesterday’s Times.
A、came acrossB、came upC、came toD、came over

41.What actually happens when we read? Some people think that we read one word at a time, understanding it and then go on to the next. Other people think that our eyes smoothly over each line from left to right, then back to the beginning of the line, and so on. In fact, the physical action of reading usually doesn’t work in of those ways. Suppose you do things experiment with a friend. Get hold of a book with a large page and with lines that go right across the page. Get your friend to the book up and to read it with the top of the book just below his eyes level. This means that you can watch the movement of his eyes as he reads the page. If you do this, you will see that your friend’s eyes do not make a continuous forward sweep. they progress (前移) by little “jumps”, moving, then stopping, as they progress along the line. to be this starting and stopping movement because the eye can see only when it is moving. Every time the eye pauses it sees a phrase or even a sentence, even jumps to the next part of the line, and so on. There is another interesting fact about eye movement. You will notice that, , the reader goes back and looks again at something he before; in other words, he returns to an earlier part of the text probably because he he is not understanding it properly. Then he comes back to where he stopped and continues reading.1、
A. move B. fly C. turn D. sway 2、
A. same B. about C. next D. second 3、
A. both B. neither C. all D. either 4、
A. size B. number C. space D. quantity 5、
A. pick B. hold C. put D. set 6、
A. However B. Instead C. Altogether D. Therefore 7、
A. It is B. It has C. There has D. There is 8、
A. at the same time B. from time to time C. on time D. in on time 9、
A. read B. was reading C. had read D. has read 10、
A. knows B. fears C. realizes D. wonders

42.There are many reasons for the tidal action which is a very complicated phenomenon involving many factors all of which must be considered to predict tide in any one place at any one time. The alternate rise and fall of the surface of the seas and the ocean is mainly caused by the attractive force of the moon alone. When the attractions are great, the tide is high, and conversely when the attraction is minimal, the tide is low. Between the high tide and the low tide is a period of a little over six hours, being called during its rise a flood tide, and during its fall an ebb tide. The sun also exerts its effect on the tide, being a little less than half as much as the moon, although its mass is so much greater. When the moon and the sun are horizontal, the highest high tide occurs and when they are vertical the lowest low tide takes place. The wind also plays an important part in the modification of the normal rise and fall of the tide. Thus these factors affect each other either detracting or adding to the attraction forces to add or subtract from the height of the tide. But the tides still move inexorable (坚决不变) on, rising twice a day, getting a little later each day and posing a problem of correctly predicting their heights and lows.1、According to this article, it is clear that the force of the moon               .A、is not as important as that of the windB、causes the alternate rise and fall of the surfaceC、is less than half as much as the sunD、does not influence the rise and fall of the surface2、It can be concluded from this article that the sun’s effect on the tide is            .A、half that of the moonB、more than that of the moonC、more than twice that of the moonD、more than half that of the moon3、Which of the following factors will not affect the time of the tide?A、The position of the sun and the moon.B、The mass of the moon.C、The wind.D、All of the above mentioned4、If the first high tide takes place at 1:00 a.m., the next high tide will probably take place at            .A、7:20a.m.B、8:00a.m.C、1:45 p.m.D、high noon5、The principal idea of this article is           .A、The attraction of the sum and the moonB、The sum, the moon and the windC、The changing tideD、The factors affecting the tide

43.zuoye580.com为您提供I’m sorry. That swimsuit is completely______ in your size.
A、out of workB、out of stockC、out of reachD、out of practice

44.My dad is very ______of me and has never liked my boyfriend.

45.I gave John a present but he gave me nothing _____.
A、in returnB、in turnC、in advanceD、in vain

46.zuoye580.com为您提供If the teacher ______ in time yesterday, a fighting would have taken place.
A、was not comeB、were not comeC、would not comeD、had not come

47.We shall appreciate _____ from you soon.
A、being heardB、hearingC、to hearD、having been heard

48.______, we would have put off the visit to the Jiefang Bridge.
A、It would rain tomorrowB、Rain would it tomorrowC、Tomorrow it would rainD、Would it rain tomorrow

49.zuoye580.com为您提供She was ______ a very affectionate person.
A、at heartB、in personC、by natureD、on purpose

50.It is _____ for a person in his position to make such a mistake.

51.Words _____ meaning, as we all know.

52.zuoye580.com为您提供That good news can equal ______ of a cool drink on a hot day to her.

53.She scarcely cares for anything, _____?
A、doesn’tB、does sheC、is sheD、isn’t she

54.Arriving at the bus stop, _____ waiting there.
A、he found a lot of peopleB、a lot of people wereC、he found a lot of people’sD、people were found

55.zuoye580.com为您提供There was so much noise that the speaker couldn’t make himself _____.
A、hearingB、being heardC、to hearD、heard

56.Doctors predicated that the baby would not ______ with such severe disabilities.

57.Although Jack made a foolish mistake, we ______ at him.
A、could to laughB、should not to laughC、ought to have laughedD、oughtn’t to have laughed

58.zuoye580.com为您提供______, the walk will do me good.
A、Sooner or laterB、StillC、In timeD、Besides

59.Young _____ he is, he knows what is a right thing to do.

60.Television, it is often said, keeps one about current events, allows one to follow the developments in science and politics, and offers an endless series of programs which are both instructive and stimulating. The most distant countries and the strangest customs are right into one’s sitting room. It could be argued that the radio performs this service just as well: but on television everything is much more living, much more .Yet here is a danger. The television screen itself has a terrible, almost physical fascination for us. We get so used to at its movements, so dependent on its flickering pictures, that it begins to our lives. A friend of mine told me the other day that his television set had broken and that he and his family had suddenly found that they had far more time to do things , and that they had begun to talk to each other again. It makes one think, doesn’t it! There are many other arguments for and against television. The poor of its programs is often criticized. But is undoubtedly a great comfort to many lonely elderly people. And does it corrupt or instruct our children? I think we must realize that television in itself is neither good bad. It is the uses to which it is put that determines its value to society.1、
A. informative B. informed C. knowing D. familiar 2、
A. latter B. late C. latest D. later 3、
A. bring B. bringing C. brought D. to bring 4、
A. true B. vivid C. actual D. real 5、
A. look B. looking C. looked D. looks 6、
A. dominate B. master C. rule D. ruin 7、
A. down B. up C. off D. out 8、
A. truly B. actually C. genuinely D. really 9、
A. quantity B. quality C. character D. grade 10、
A. or B. but C. nor D. and

61.Dr. Harvey Gates, the noted scientist, might never have discovered the Kamron lizard (蜥蜴) in Blovia, if it had not been for a childhood accident. As a boy, he was determined to become a baseball player, but when he broke his arm in practice at the age of fourteen and was forced to stay off the playing field for a while, he took notice of the natural world around him and liked what he saw.After he had recovered from his injury, he caught a squirrel and raised it as a pet. Soon he was bringing home snakes and other creatures from the woods near his school. In 1962, he entered Blakeford College and majored in biology. By 1966 he had received his Bachelor (学士) of Science degree and two years later at Drysdale University he received his Doctor of Science degree. It was while he was doing field research for his doctoral studies in South America in 1967 that he discovered and named the Kamron lizard. This animal was different from others of its kind in that it had only four toes on its front feet. In other respects, it was similar to others of the same family. It could change its color and go for long periods without food.1、Of the four statements, which one best indicates the author’s idea?A、Dr. Gates is a scientist who can always attract the public attention to his research.B、Dr. Gates is a very famous scientist, though he wanted to be a sportsman at first.C、Dr. Gates is a scientist who always carries a notebook with him wherever he goes.2、In the first paragraph of the passage, the phrase “in practice” means “________”.A、while playing baseballB、while studying animalsC、while making up his mindD、while doing some practical work3、In the second paragraph, the word “creatures” can best be replaced by “ _________”.A、peopleB、thingsC、animalsD、living things4、It was ________ that Dr. Gates discovered the Kamron lizard.A、after he had graduated from Drysdale UniversityB、during the time when he was studying for the doctor’s degreeC、after he had received his highest degreeD、right after he had finished his study for the doctor’s degree5、Which of the following is not mentioned as a feature of the Kamron lizard?A、It possesses four toes on its front feet.B、It can live a long while without eatingC、It may go for weeks without drinking.D、It is capable of changing colors.

62.This book is used by those students ______ major is not English.
A、thatB、of whomC、whoseD、which

63.The excuse ______ he couldn’t attend the meeting is reasonable.

64.zuoye580.com为您提供The United States is composed of fifty states, two of _____ are separated from the others by land or water.

65.It ______ a comfortable journey as the car is so crowded.
A、can’tB、shouldn’t beC、mustn’t have beenD、couldn’t have been

66.David and Sheila are unable to have children, but they’re hoping to ______ a little boy.

67.zuoye580.com为您提供Young children often can’t ______between TV programs and commercials.

68.Ever since the Smiths moved to the suburbs they______ better health.
A、are enjoyingB、had enjoyedC、have enjoyed D has enjoyed.

69.Though ______ money, his parents managed to send him to university.
A、lackedB、lacking ofC、lacked inD、lacking

70.zuoye580.com为您提供The committee is due to ______ its report by the end of this year.

71.We are interested in the weather because it ______ us so directly — what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel.

72.The donated liver came from the UK, but the hospital is giving no further ______.

73.zuoye580.com为您提供I wish I ______ so forgetful. Then I shouldn’t have missed the concert.
A、were toB、wasC、would beD、hadn’t been

74.There won’t be any concert this Saturday evening, _____?
A、will there notB、will thereC、is thereD、will it be

75.Don’t you think it is time you _____ smoking?
A、give upB、gave upC、would give upD、should give up

76.zuoye580.com为您提供The construction of the laboratory ______by the end of last month.
A、completedB、was completedC、have been completedD、had been completed

77.It would make ______ for the parents to be involved in this discussion.

78.There is a definite possibility that the climate of the world may be changing. Some scientists imagine this could even mean the beginning of another ice age. The effect of such a change in climate the human population of the world would be startling (惊人的).Recent research suggests that the general warming trend of the past hundred years or so be coming to an end. During the past ten years, meteorologists (气象学家) tell us, the average temperature of the earth has about one degree Fahrenheit (华氏). This does not seem like , but it could have effects on wind and rain patterns which influence the overall weather . if these patterns change a lot, it could mean that certain regions of the world may continue to have long droughts other will possibly suffer from widespread flooding. What regulates the climate is not exactly known. Meteorologists believe that clouds may be an important in regulating the amount of solar heat held by the earth, which in turn determines the temperature of the planet. Another possibility is that man’s industrial and agricultural methods may be affecting the natural weather patterns. , the weather is not understood well enough for scientists to say for certain that is happening the climate and what side effects this will actually have on the world’s population.1、
A. that B. what C. which D. if 2、
A. for B. with C. on D. in 3、
A. should B. cannot C. may not D. may 4、
A. dropped B. fell C. departed D. dripped 5、
A. more B. much C. little D. less 6、
A. painting B. photo C. drawing D. picture 7、
A. since B. after C. while D. before 8、
A. fact B. factor C. truth D. faculty 9、
A. Besides B. Thus C. Otherwise D. However 10、
A. for B. at C. to D. on

79.Who is Ronald McDonald? The question might be hard for some grown-ups to answer, but not hard for American school children. Even many children in other countries know the name. in the USA, almost 96 percent of children could identify Ronald McDonald —— only Santa Claus has a higher rating.McDonald’s is a most successful American corporation today. And we owe it all to Ray A. Kroc. In the 1940s Kroc became the exclusive salesman for a new invention, a milkshake (奶昔) machine. Once a small hamburger restaurant owned by two brothers named McDonald attracted his attention. They bought eight of his machines. Kroc thought that a chain of similar restaurants would use many such machines, so he began his hamburger restaurants under a royalty (特许权) arrangement with the two brothers. As McDonald’s restaurants began appearing across the country, Kroc soon realized that his future would be in the restaurant and not the machine business. He bought out the McDonald brothers at last. “I needed the McDonald name…” he said, “What are you going to do with a name like Kroc?”Since then McDonald’s has established outlets all over the world, from New York to Paris to Tokyo. Operating under a strict set of rules the units provide high-quality service and good food for the whole family. By connecting his operations to consumer needs and, at the same time, making McDonald’s a household word, Ray A. Kroc succeeded as a businessman. Millions who left his units would say, “Nobody can do it like McDonald’s can.”1、According to the passage, McDonald’s is the name of             .A、Mr. McDonaldB、Ray A.KrocC、the two brothersD、a chain of fast food restaurants2、In the 1940s Kroc alone                 .A、invented a milkshake machineB、sold a kind of milkshake machineC、attracted a small hamburger restaurantD、thought of purchasing a famous restaurant3、Kroc realized that his future would be in the restaurant             .A、after he bought out McDonaldB、when he got tired of the machine businessC、as McDonald’s began appearing all over the countryD、before he began his own hamburger restaurants under royalty4、Kroc bought out the McDonald brothers for the reason that            .A、the McDonald name was familiar to the customersB、he didn’t like his own nameC、he was already a very rich manD、he did not know what to do with his own name5、Ray A. Kroc succeeded as a businessman because            .A、nobody else in the world could do itB、he connected his management with the consumer needs and made McDonald a household nameC、he was working under strict rulesD、he was much more hardworking than people of his time